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Arrayed encapsulation lens

Special lens design for UV LED array encapsulation, optimize optical design, improve optical imperfection of multi-chip encapsulation. Improved UV illuminance optimized uniformity for industrial sterilization array

Array Package Lens

Although the four-chip package satisfies the improvement of UV LED's central illuminance, due to the deviation between the chip and the optical axis, the light pattern cannot be symmetrical and uniform. For medium and long-distance irradiation applications, the lack of uniformity is fully revealed. Applications that require a high degree of uniformity such as exposure and printing are very disadvantageous.

The patented optical design of the NOVAXIL™ array lens for the four-chip package takes into account the efficiency and uniformity, and also considers the array expansion requirements of the light source module. Combined with the molding ability of the sol-gel process itself, the light intensity and uniformity are both It is the ultimate solution for four-die packaging that these mutually contradictory optical properties can be satisfied at the same time.

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NOVAXIL™ Array Lens Features

Chip alignmentPrecise alignment of the optical axis, optimized uniformity, suitable for long-distance transmission of energy
Independent opticsIndividual chips have independent lens design, and the uniformity will not be affected when the array is expanded for modular or systemetic design
Array structureThe energy is more concentrated, the UV illuminance in the center of the encapsulation is stronger, and the uniformity is better than regular dome lens design
Lens materialNOVAXIL™ High Purity Silica Glass
Lens sizeCustom specification
Applicable packages6565 / 6868
Angle selection30°
UV transmittanceUVA > 92%; UVC > 90% (for UVC grade)
Maximum temperature resistance1,000 °C


The uniformity drop caused by traditional four-chip packaging during long-distance transmission, the right figure clearly shows discrete light spots and central dark areas, resulting in four-chip packaging only suitable for close-range applications


    The design of NOVAXIL™ array lens takes into account the requirements of four-chip packaging for illumination and uniformity, and perfectly solves the practical problem of four-chip packaging for long-distance illumination spot dispersion


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