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NOVATICS WS water purification module

NOVATICS WS water purification module, patented module design, optical sterilization without residue in water, zero water waste, in line with national standards for drinking water

NOVATICS Water Sterilizer

High flow rate water sterilization solution by UVC LED

Sterilization rate 99.98%

NOVATICS WS water purification module, with patented optical path and flow channel design, which does not need to rely on buffer tanks or filter membranes to achieve complete sterilization. Patented optical sterilization mechanism of NOVATICS WS water purification module will not cause any change to the taste of water quality. No ozone (O 3 ) is generated during the operation of the module, and there is no residual odor during effecient sterilization. Actual measurement by the Food Industry Research & Development Institute (TW) has confirmed that the sterilization rate is 99.98%. Once the water fluid directly flows through the module, it is completely sterilized by high intensity UVC irradiation.

The NOVATICS WS water purification module equipped with patented NOVAXIL™ silica optical system which can achieve direct sterilization effect with minimum UVC energy loss. The modular design concept provides wide variety for different water inflows to meet the needs of various applications. Patented buffer-free flow chamber design minimizes the size of the module and can be rapidly expanded according to flow rate requirements. Filter-free design makes zero water consumption during whole sterilization process. NOVATICS WS water sterilizer is designed for the needs of commercial applications with large flow rates.

Cristal Materials provides OEM design of water purification modules, and/or ODM design for UVC LED light modules. Our engineering team covers wide expertise in materials science, fluid mechanics, optical design, LED encapsulation, mechatronics integration and other related fields. We provide an one-stop integration services for water purifier customers.

Third-party laboratory certified antibacterial efficacy

NOVATICS WS water purification module has been tested and confirmed by the Food Industry Research & Development Institute (TW) that it is completely sterilized and meets the national standards for drinking water (TW)


Real test in green water aquatank, Algae was removed by NOVATICS WS in 3 days


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