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Four-chip encapsulation lens

Lens for UV LED four-chip encapsulation, suitable for 6565/6868 package

Four-chip encapsulation lens

Four-chip encapsulation is a common configuration for UV LEDs that pursue single-point high intensity, mainly for short-distance irradiation, such as printing or curing. Without any aging phenomenon, it is very suitable for short-distance industrial UV LEDs.

However, in terms of optics, the geometric alignment of four arrayed chips and the optical lens is not optimized, therefore there are still limitations for application. Deviated optical axis of the four-chip encapsulation is not suitable for long-distance applications, such as exposure systems and surface sterilization modules. For such applications, please refer to the array encapsulation lens design.


Features of NOVAXIL™ Four-Chip Encapsulation Lens

Lens material
NOVAXIL™ High Purity Silica Glass
Lens size
D 5.6 / D 6.0 (unit: mm)
Applicable UV LED packages
6565 / 6868
Angle selection
60° / 90°
UV transmittance
UVA > 92%; UVC > 90% (for UVC grade)
Maximum temperature resistance
1,000 °C

NOVAXIL™ 6868 series lenses achieve highly concentrated light spots at short distances for industrial applications requiring high intensity


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