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Single chip encapsulation lens

Lens for single chip UV LED encapsulations, suitable for 3535 / 5050 package

Single chip encapsulation lens

Single chip encapsulation is the basic unit of UV LED, and it is also the most widely used package type. NOVAXIL™ silica lens provides a variety of view angles, which meet the mainstream LED package specifications. NOVAXIL™ silica lens could be balanced between UV illuminance and module uniformity according to application requirements. To achieve a balanced configuration, if you are looking for a higher output solution, please refer to the four-chip package lens.

For current mainstream UV LED packages, the NOVAXIL™ single chip encapsulation lens series can perfectly match standard UV LED types such as 3535 / 3838 / 3939 / 4040 / 5050, offering a variety of view angles from 30 degrees to 60 degrees. If you have more precise requirements on the optical performance, we also provide lens design evaluation and customization services.

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NOVAXIL™ Single Chip Encapsulation Lens Features

Lens material
NOVAXIL™ High Purity Silica Glass
Lens size
D 2.8 / D 4.0 (unit: mm)
Applicable UV LED packages
3535 / 4040 / 5050
Angle selection
30° / 60° / 90° / 120°
UV transmittance
UVA > 92%; UVC > 90% (for UVC grade)
Maximum temperature resistance
1,000 °C

NOVAXIL™ realizes various angle possibilities through the flexible sol-gel process, greatly improving the central UV illuminance and applicable distance of UV LED packages


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