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NOVAXIL™ Silica Lenses

Silica lens for UV LED encapsulation, NOVAXIL™ high-purity silica glass, with optimized optical design to ensure the best UV transmittance, LED reliability, and improved optical performance

NOVAXIL™ Silica Lenses

The unique patented sol-gel process technology of Cristal Materials, on the platform of high purity silica glass, exerts the molding characteristics of liquid molding process, integrates material stability, UV transmittance, and optical control ability, and launches NOVAXIL™ LED encapsulation lens series, the No.1 choice for UV LED encapsulation lens solutions.

<Extended Technology: Relationship between Encapsulation Lenses and UV LED Performance>


Product Features of NOVAXIL™

  • Guaranteed UV transmittance, LED light efficiency is the best

  • Best UV reliability for extended LED life

  • Optimized optical design, a variety of angles are optional

  • Patented liquid process, high mass production stability


NOVAXIL™ Silica Lenses Offer a Variety of Angles and Light Types


Refractive Index of NOVAXIL™ silica glass


NOVAXIL™ Silica Lenses Provide Excellent UV Transmission


NOVAXIL™ Silica Lenses are exposed to mercury lamps (UV 253.7 nm) for 10,000 hours without any degradation


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