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Total Internal Reflection Lens (TIR Lens)

TIR lens for high-power UV LED, suitable for industrial UV LED modules

UV LED small angle spotlight solution

The key to the design of the TIR lens lies in the accuracy and surface quality of the total reflection surface, which requires high molding ability. The quality of the reflection surface processing has a direct impact on the efficiency of the LED module. With the flexibility of the sol-gel process, NOVAXIL™ TIR lenses not only meet the design requirements on optical surfaces, but also provide the physical and optical properties of high-purity quartz products. The UV durability of quartz materials is more suitable for matching with high-power UV LEDs use.

NOVAXIL™ TIR lenses are available in several design options in different size ranges, and can also be customized according to customer needs. In addition to the more common single-sided design, double-sided TIR design or array TIR lens design can also be achieved. NOVAXIL™ TIR has been used in PCB exposure systems to reduce the angle of focus while taking into account the uniformity required by the exposure system.


NOVAXIL™ TIR Lens Features

Lens materialNOVAXIL™ High Purity Silica Glass
Diameter rangeD 10 - D 25 (unit: mm)
LED aperture rangeD 3.2 - D 6.5 (unit: mm)
View angle3° - 15°
UV transmittanceUVA > 92%; UVC > 90% (for UVC grade)
Maximum temperature resistance1,000 °C

PCB Exposure System Application Example with NOVAXIL™ TIR Lens


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