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Wave Lens (Lenticular Lens)

Wave lens (Lenticular Lens) for linear light source, suitable for industrial laser light source applications

Laser light source solutions

NOVAXIL™ wave lens can produce a cylindrical array lens of equal distance with precise molding ability. Through the actual projection of the laser light source, it can be seen that the originally concentrated laser spot is converted into a continuous, equal-width, and uniform energy distribution linear light The belt can also be customized to make special wave lens designs such as unequal heights, unequal distances, unequal axial directions, and even densely integrated micro-columnar arrays.

The high-purity quartz material of NOVAXIL™ can withstand the concentrated irradiation of high-power lasers without any recession. The application range is laser ranging and positioning, laser cutting processing positioning, and long-distance line light source projection positioning . Ideal solution for light source applications


NOVAXIL™ Wave Lens Features

  • Precision molding, no deformation of the light spot
  • High transmittance and low absorption
  • Silica material, stable without decay
  • AR coating can be added upon request
  • Complex array structure design possible


NOVAXIL™ wave lens projects a continuous and uniform linear band of Laser


Real scene of the laser light source projecting a linear light pattern with NOVAXIL™ wave lens


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