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UV LED Surface Exposure Module

Industrial UV LED narrow angle exposure module design, long-distance high-intensity design, suitable for ink printing, printed circuit board (PCB) exposure, glue curing, food sterilization, egg shell sterilization, package surface sterilization

TIR spot light source

TIR (Total Internal Reflection) is a high efficiency optical design for light collimation. This unique design consolidate the divergent UV light emitted from UV LEDs through custom designed reflection surface. The UV LED light will be focused and projected to the target area. With optimized optical design, the UV planar light module reaches a good balance between transmission distance, light intensity, and uniformity of the irradiation surface.

This TIR solution has been successfully introduced into the PCB exposure industry for years. The UVA model illuminance is more than 250 mW/cm 2 at 150 mm working distance. The uniformity performance is above 90%. The UVC version was also introduced to the market for the need of Mid - Long distance of use, such as beverage bottle caps sterilizer or surface sterilizer for egg shells.

Actual lighting performance of the TIR planar light module

Uniformity performance for long distance projection

Illuminace spec at 150 mm working distance is above 250 mW/cm 2

Messured illuminace at 150 mm reaches 285 mW/cm 2 (through a quartz observation window)

Uniformity exposure test at 150 mm

Engineering achievements of TIR planar module applied to PCB exposure machine


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