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About us

Fulfilling customer's needs is the reason for our existence

Cristal Materials Corporation (in short Cristal Materials, or CMC) was established in Taipei, Taiwan 2006. Core technology of CMC is high purity silica glass made by nano sol - gel process. This innovative sol - gel technology was origanlly developed in Europe, and commercialized in Taiwan with a mass production site. Cristal Materials keeps improving its own patented sol - gel process and brings NOVAXIL™ silica glass components to the market sucessfully. We provides not only high quality but also competitive silica optic solutions for modern optoelectronic industries.

NOVAXIL™ silica glass optics are the main products of Cristal Materials. Our product range covers primary lenses for UV LED emitters, flyeye lenses (lens array) for projectors, microstructure arrays, and free-form lenses. Major applications of NOVAXIL™ silica glass are UV printing, UV curing, PCB exposure, 3D printing, DLP light engine, and laser light source system. Based on the flexibility of sol - gel technology in designs, stable optical and physical properties of NOVAXIL™ silica glass provides a solid backup for UV LED and projector light sources in terms of efficiency and reliability.

About us

Quality, Innovation, and Service are what we believe in

In this price orientated era, insistence of quality and service is the bottom line of Cristal Materials. NOVAXIL™ silica product series and related applications were developed step by step based on innovative sol - gel technology and contituous investment on R&D.

CMC takes each customer as the most precious propertis of the company. We listen carefully to every voice and opinion from customers. Based on customer feedbacks, our goal is to provide better service quality and customer satisfication. Instead of price competition, we believe continuous innovation and honest service will be the right way to keep long term partnership with customers. Fulfilling customer's needs is the reason for our existence.

About us

Based in Taiwan, aiming for the world

The core technology of CMC is originally developed in Europe, and commercialized in Taiwan. NOVAXIL™ silica glass series products were widely adapated in optoelectronic industries in the greater China region. The end products of NOVAXIL™ were promoted to the entire world eventually. Technical investment, talent development, and customer service are the non - stop mission of Cristal Materials. Our vision is to be the next global business elite coming from Taiwan.

About us


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